Adrienne Jankens

"Good learners, like everyone else, are living, squirming, questioning, perceiving, fearing, loving, and languaging nervous systems, but they are good learners precisely because they believe and do certain things that less effective learners do not believe and do." -Postman and Weingartner (31)

Reflection 5

Originally posted on English 1020:
Something that I find very useful to find inspiration for writing is looking at other students’ blogs. Often, I won’t have an idea of where to…

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Reflecting on How We Talk About Transfer

1020 cohort talking about transfer.

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TED talk on collaboration

One of my students found this video and posted it re: our work on collaboration:

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Reading Response 6

Originally posted on The Cooler themes are expensive:
The Peck, Flower and Higgins text discusses how important community literacy is and how it helps the community. Through the story of…

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Reflection 2

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Does it sound the way you want it to? As I read through my paper, I can most definitely her my voice throughout it.  Although I…

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Something Mrs. Jankens might enjoy

Originally posted on windiate45: I decided I want to start documenting my life and the thoughts I have on a daily basis, but I wasn’t sure to type it…

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