Adrienne Jankens

"Good learners, like everyone else, are living, squirming, questioning, perceiving, fearing, loving, and languaging nervous systems, but they are good learners precisely because they believe and do certain things that less effective learners do not believe and do." -Postman and Weingartner (31)

Reflection 5

Other students’ blogs as motivation, not just as models or inspiration! Cool! #networkedselfawareness

English 1020

Something that I find very useful to find inspiration for writing is looking at other students’ blogs. Often, I won’t have an idea of where to start for a writing assignment, or I am feeling a little lost as far as how to structure it, or am discouraged, and I look through a few other students’ posts and figure out how to continue. I use other students’ blogs as motivation to do my own. I am subscribed to a few of them, and so receive emails when they post. When I see the email, I am reminded that I need to get the assignment done. I look over the post, realize that it’s not that difficult to tackle, and then do it. I am a procrastinator by nature, so this system is very helpful.

Writing the iSearch paper, I found that peer editing of the introduction was a great place…

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