Adrienne Jankens

"Good learners, like everyone else, are living, squirming, questioning, perceiving, fearing, loving, and languaging nervous systems, but they are good learners precisely because they believe and do certain things that less effective learners do not believe and do." -Postman and Weingartner (31)

Reflection 3

Negotiating the I-search…student agency in learning


Every single interaction I had while working on this project influenced the subsequent interaction. This was due to the elusiveness of a universal definition of social media. Everyone has their own opinion of it and my participants were no different. This is why, after every interview, I slightly tweaked the questionnaire. The first time this happened was when I showed my interview draft to some classmates. They were not hesitant in quickly pointing out that my questions weren’t going to offer a representative view of social media that fit their description. What ensued was a healthy debate on which websites and messaging services counted as social media outlets. I influenced them and they influenced me and the survey became richer through this process. I’m pretty sure that I would need to interview at least 200 people before finalizing my survey draft.

Class discussions were also pivotal in setting the tone…

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  1. ru
    May 27, 2014

    Greatest blog post ever/ Very helpful

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