Adrienne Jankens

"Good learners, like everyone else, are living, squirming, questioning, perceiving, fearing, loving, and languaging nervous systems, but they are good learners precisely because they believe and do certain things that less effective learners do not believe and do." -Postman and Weingartner (31)

About Me

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Welcome to my teaching blog!

I am currently an Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Composition at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. This is my twenty-first year of teaching composition. I’ve served at both the high school and college level, and previously taught in Saginaw, MI; Tempe, AZ; and Auburn Hills, MI.

My bachelor’s degree in English is from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, IN. My master’s degree in English Composition and Communication is from Central Michigan University, and I earned my Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition here at Wayne State. In my dissertation, I studied the impact of  inquiry-based and reflective teaching and learning strategies on students’ preparation for future learning and development of rhetorical awareness.

My current projects include researching mentoring practices, writing program values, the attitudes of faculty across disciplines toward writing instruction, rhetorical responsibility, and the ways students inscribe metacognition in reflective writing tasks.  I’m also a faculty member of the Composition Learning Community.

showcase with elsa

Talking about writing with Elsa at the Winter ’17 CLC Student Writing Showcase

While this site houses my c.v. and information about my research and teaching, in past semesters I have also used the site to highlight my students’ work. You can see some of these examples on the home page feed.

If you have questions about the things you see here, or would like to talk, email me at dx1044(at)wayne(dot)edu or follow me @AdrienneJankens

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