Adrienne Jankens

"Good learners, like everyone else, are living, squirming, questioning, perceiving, fearing, loving, and languaging nervous systems, but they are good learners precisely because they believe and do certain things that less effective learners do not believe and do." -Postman and Weingartner (31)

Reading Response 3

Such good stuff. I’m thinking I should have a working group on these questions that includes undergraduates.

English 1020

Both texts proposed a reform of our current education system that fulfills standards based on the realistic needs of students, and humanity as a whole. Postman and Weingartner wrote about changing the purpose of questions we ask students in school. They point out that the questions we ask students in today’s education system seem totally arbitrary and irrelevant to their learning needs. Instead of teaching children how to learn, and how to engage in their own learning (a skill that they will use for the rest of their life), we are teaching children how to satisfy their teachers’ requirements; we neither value, nor recognize the ability (or the needs) of children. A lot of what we teach children in school is redundant and irrelevant to their future. The primary example in both papers is that of requirements for essays. Marcorie says “Other teachers and I have given so many instructions…

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